Tenant Handbook

Explosion/Chemical/Hazardous Waste

  • If a spilled chemical or hazardous waste is detected, notify the Fire Department at 911 and follow any instructions provided.
  • Secondly, notify the Building Management Office at 248-952-5250. Examples of potential hazards are:
    • Fire
    • Explosion
    • Hazardous substance released into the air
    • Hazardous substance released into the water
    • Contamination of individuals in contact with the substance
  • Notify personnel not trained in spill containment to leave the area immediately.
  • If the possibility of explosions exists, evacuate the area immediately.
  • At the direction of the Fire Department, the following may occur:
    • Rope off area(s) of spill/explosion and post guard.
    • Contain the spill:
      • Follow MSDS sheets on the use of materials to absorb the spill.
      • Channel the spill to a safe location or block off the flow.
      • Cover drains or other possible escape routes.
      • Stop the source of the leak by closing valves, pumps, etc.
  • Clean up Agencies may direct individuals exposed to the spill to decontaminate or discard any exposed clothing and/or temporary containment equipment.
  • If there is any question of exposure, have a medical examination.