Tenant Handbook

Emergency Evacuation Preparation

When evacuation is ordered, all personnel within the building will be instructed to evacuate via the Farmington Hills Fire or Police Department. Electronics are not to be used during a bomb threat.


  • Keep calm.
  • Walk quickly – DO NOT RUN, to the nearest stairway exit.
  • Close the door of your office as you leave, leaving the door unlocked.
  • Keep to the right - in single file – in halls and stairways, so emergency personnel can gain access to the floor where the incident has been reported. Use handrails when proceeding downstairs.
  • Merge alternately when two lines meet at various floor landings.
  • Listen for instructions and follow them.
  • Evacuate to a safe distance from the building – AT LEAST  300 FEET.
  • Flying glass or other debris can cause damage or injury. Do not linger in the vicinity of the building.

*** You MUST Evacuate the Building when the Fire Alarm is sounded ***



  • Once you have left your area, do not return for coats, purses, etc.
  • Do not run or create panic.
  • Do not return to the office until “ALL CLEAR” is given by Building Management.
  • Do not linger in the vicinity of the building.